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A truck accident can cause some of the most devastating damage imaginable. Usually weighing over 80 tons, big rigs, semis, and tractor-trailer trucks are some of the most dangerous vehicles on the road due to sheer size. Because of this, the damage caused by a collision or other accident usually takes much more time to repair and can often lead to disastrous consequences for the truck driver and other drivers on the road in West Virginia. If you are injured or lose a loved one due to a truck accident, call the best of the best at Hayden and Associates in Beckley, WV, at (866) 386-7374.

How to Safely Avoid a Truck Accident

A truck accident usually ends up with casualties and severe injuries, so the best course of action is to try to avoid them at all costs. Staying out of the truck driver’s blind spots, keeping a safe distance away from big rigs, semis, and tractor-trailers, and routinely checking your surroundings are a few ways to help avoid a collision with a truck while driving. However, some truck accidents are unavoidable and unforeseeable. If the driver is suffering from fatigue, which is common, any consequences may be difficult to prevent on your end.

Driver Fatigue, Truck Malfunctions, and Other Accident Causes

In the case of a truck accident due to driver fatigue, faulty mechanics, road conditions, or reckless driving, the preservation of evidence is not usually high on the list of priorities. Because of the sheer danger of death and injury in the event of a truck accident, victim retrieval and survival are the most important concerns every time.

However, although trucking companies generally have an advantage over civilian victims in the aftermath of an accident, they also keep extensive records that can help determine the cause of the accident in the first place. As a highly regulated industry, virtually everything must be documented for trucking businesses, including the amount of time the driver spends on the road. Driver fatigue or truck malfunctions may lead to accidents, and if proven, can provide the victim with the compensation he or she deserves after sustaining injuries or losing a loved one in a truck accident. The best course of action is to hire one of the most reliable truck accident lawyers in West Virginia, attorney Gerald Hayden, to get you the results you need.

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Personal injury matters may seem daunting, stressful, and overwhelming, especially when commercial truck companies are involved. In these types of cases, a victim has not only the driver at fault to contend with, but with the company and its legal team as well. However, with the right lawyer at your side, you can rest assured that your case will be handled fairly and in your best interest every time. The professionals at Hayden and Associates in Beckley, WV, provide clients with personalized services they can rely on, so contact us immediately after a truck accident for a free consultation!

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