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Parenting plans and child custody agreements in West Virginia are only granted with the child’s best interest in mind. Sometimes, limited or supervised visitation schedules are involved to ensure both the welfare of the child and adequate time to maintain a relationship with the non-custodial parent. At Hayden and Associates, we understand the importance of your rights and the overall health of your child. With over 20 years of experience, attorney Gerald Hayden provides clients with the best family law services in Southern West Virginia, including effective legal representation when it comes to visitation rights. Call our office today for a free consultation!

Limited or Supervised Visitation Plans Ensures the Welfare of the Child

Most parenting plans offer joint custody, wherein both parents share custody of the child for equal amounts of time throughout the year. However, some courts rule in favor of sole custody to one parent, while the other parent receives limited or supervised visitation rights. This is generally the case when the noncustodial parent has been convicted of a violence or domestic abuse crime, or poses a threat to the welfare of the child.

Fair Visitation Rights for Your Child’s Best Interest

Legal visitation rights in West Virginia generally coincide with the child custody arrangements made by divorced or separated parents in accordance with the court’s ruling. In any case of divorce or child custody, the best interest of the child is the top priority for most courts in the state, as well as the rest of the country. In order for a child to properly maintain a healthy lifestyle and relationship with both parents, custody arrangements must be made and visitation schedules must be put into action. If you’re looking for your best chance at fair visitation rights, contact our law firm in Beckley, WV, today.

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