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Child Support and Custody Modification Services in West Virginia

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Experienced attorney Gerald Hayden and his staff offer professional and personalized legal services to many clients in Southern West Virginia. When it comes to a modification of court orders involving child custody, child support, and other court rulings, Hayden and Associates is the ideal law firm for anyone seeking efficient and effective results. Modifications may be made whenever the need for them arises, so call our office if you are looking for the best family court lawyer in the area!

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In the event of a change in circumstance, modifications may be necessary in order to update the agreements made in an existing court order, such as child support or parenting plans. A motion or petition to the court is typically made when a non-custodial parent is seeking to modify the terms of child support or custody that were previously agreed upon. In some cases, modification may also be necessary to correct an error in a ruling or agreement. Modifications may be filed as often as needed if events or circumstances arise that require them, so allow us to handle the hassle and contact our law firm today!

Agreement Modification May Be in Your Best Interest

There are many reasons that may require a modification to an official agreement previously approved by the court in West Virginia. If you have lost your job or are experiencing a higher level of financial burden for childcare or medical reasons, filing a petition to modify a child support or custody agreement may be in your best interest. Some of the acceptable circumstances to petition to modify these agreements include:

  • Employment termination
  • Decrease in income
  • Increase in income
  • Needs of the child increase
  • Change in custody agreement
  • Childcare expense increase
  • The child is disabled (even if over 18)

In order to properly file a modification petition, some documents are required so that the courts can determine the best course of action. A Petition for Expedited Modification is also available for those who would like the Family Court to review the documents more quickly. Some of the documents you will be asked for include the following:

  • Pay stubs
  • W-2s
  • Income Tax returns
  • Social Security statements if applicable
  • Bank statements
  • Child care expense receipts
  • Medical care expense receipts

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