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Spousal support, or alimony, is the financial support of one partner to another after the event of a divorce or separation. There are many aspects for the courts to consider when it comes to alimony, such as each spouse’s educational backgrounds and the marital standard of living. If you are involved in a spousal support case, contact Hayden and Associates in Beckley, WV, for the best legal assistance in Southern West Virginia. We offer top of the line personalized services and free consultations, so our office today at (304) 255- 7700.

The Factors Considered When Awarding Alimony in West Virginia

Alimony is only an option when the separated or divorced couple is living apart from one another, and are no longer cohabiting a single residence. There are four classes of spousal support: permanent, temporary or spousal support pendente lite, rehabilitative alimony, and spousal support in gross. Rehabilitative spousal support is to be awarded to the recipient for a limited amount of time in order for him or her to become gainfully employed, and spousal support in gross is to be paid as one lump sum at a single point in time. In order to be granted any type of spousal support in West Virginia, the following factors must be considered:

  • Length of the marriage
  • The period of time during the marriage when the parties actually lived together as a couple
  • Current income and other recurring earnings of each party from any source
  • Ability to earn income
  • Educational background and qualifications
  • Employment skills and work experience
  • Length of absence from the work force and custodial responsibilities for children
  • Marital property distribution effects
  • Age of each party
  • Physical, mental and emotional condition of each spouse
  • The postponement or complete forfeiture of economic, education or employment opportunities during the course of the marriage
  • The standard of living established during the marriage
  • The ability of those seeking alimony to effectively increase his or her income within a reasonable time with adequate training.
  • Any contribution, financial or otherwise, made by either party to the education or career training abilities of the other party
  • Estimated expense of obtaining the education necessary to earn an income
  • Costs of educating children
  • Health care for both spouses and children, if any
  • Tax consequences to both parties
  • Whether or not it would be appropriate for the child(ren)’s caregiver to seek employment outside of the home
  • The financial burdens of each party
  • The legal obligations of each party to support him or herself and any other person, if applicable
  • Costs and care associated with a minor or adult child’s physical or mental disabilities

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